Hi there, I'm Tim.

Like you, I've found myself re-tweeting, favoriting, and sharing links that make me think, open my perspective, or teach me some practical skill. The links I always want to remember end up in my Delicious account.

If you're brave, you can enter that messy, disorganized study with piles of paper and books everywhere ... or you can come here, and see what I hope becomes a collection of my best thoughts and reflections. I'll stick to a few themes:

  • Curiosity about the world
  • Practical thoughts and tools
  • Life as a journey of both self-discovery and giving

The topics themselves will span my interests of technology and culture, design, minimalism, architecture, LEGO® bricks, travel, airplanes, space, psychology, neuroscience, positive thoughts and habits, and how to live.

Over time, I hope this blog will embody the "higher version of myself." I hope to open up and share a side that I can't professionally, or when limited to 140 characters. Whether you know [of] me professionally, or know me personally, I hope you find here thoughts and ideas that sparks something inside you to go forth and be awesome—not because my collection of thoughts is in any way inspired, rather because we're all on the same journey of self-discovery and the magic happens when ideas, minds, and hearts connect.