Tim Courtney is the Experience Manager for LEGO® Ideas, a digital community strategist with a background in open innovation, and participation experiences. He has an interest in urban planning, Scandinavian design, and is an avid private pilot.



In 2011, I was recruited to join New Business Group, a business incubator within the LEGO Group branded by FastCompany as "quirky startup LEGO." Our small team was given a tall order: shape the then-experimental LEGO CUUSOO crowdsourcing experience, meant to bring LEGO fans' product ideas to life as real LEGO sets.

The platform has seen exponential growth, yielded hit products (LEGO Minecraft, Research Institute, Ghostbusters ECTO-1, Yellow Submarine), and re-launched as LEGO Ideas in mid-2014. Ideas is now a full-scale program within our LEGO Community Engagement department. It's about 80 percent work, 20 percent play, and all heart.

I served as digital product owner, helping launch the global LEGO CUUSOO beta. Today, I serve as Experience Manager, focused on ensuring a high quality experience for our members while contributing to our program and technology roadmap to power our future growth.



Hartford Streets is a collective of citizens committed to making Hartford's streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. We hold monthly happy hours and hack nights to educate and organize to support putting the city Complete Streets policy into action and working toward Vision Zero.

We're inspired by the Tactical Urbanism movement of low-cost, high-impact street safety improvements. We believe more people would choose cycling if there were a network of separated bicycle paths designed to be safe for all ages and abilities.


When I was five, I knew I wanted to learn to fly. After years learning about the process, and setting aside time and money, I took flight lessons in the summer of 2014 to earn my Private Pilot certificate in just over three months, fulfilling a childhood dream. In the summer of 2015, I earned my Instrument rating. My summer vacation in 2016 was a two-week flying trip from Hartford to Chicago, Traverse City, MI, and back. I got to take friends along the way and visit people I don't often get to see, and I had the chance to put all my training together and navigate halfway across the country and back. I love taking the principles and skills learned in the cockpit back to my work in the creative, community, and digital fields.


I grew up outside Chicago, live in Hartford, and visit Boston, NYC, and Denmark when possible. Some of my interests include technology and culture, modern Scandanavian design, minimalism, architecture, LEGO® bricks, travel, aviation, airplanes, space exploration, psychology, neuroscience, and self-improvement.


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